April 20, 7-9pm: Film screening with Deborah Kaufman & Alan Snitow

730 N. Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103

Do Not Track: Thinking about Privacy with Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman, plus a live in-person drone demonstration by Matias Viegener 

Scenes from a work in progress and discussion with the filmmakers.

Odilon Redon's vision in his 1882 work "The Eye Like a Strange Balloon Mounts

Toward Infinity" is finally being realized IRL (in real life) with the introduction of

surveillance drones in the United States and around the world.


Drones have become all the rage these days, but even though drones are for

surveillance, they aren't about listening. They make too much noise (we'll listen),

they're too far away (we'll watch). They are about data collection, not knowledge

or understanding of the person. And maybe that says a lot. Drones are the

opposite of real listening.


But the threat of universal surveillance goes way beyond flying eyeballs, and

drones are just one weapon in the arsenal of surveillance by government,

corporations, and even private individuals.


Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman are filmmakers who are looking at drones as

a way into thinking about surveillance and privacy, identity and anonymity. Are

drones the "visceral jolt” we need to start dealing with less visible, but even more

serious threats? We'll show some footage from our work-in-progress film, "Do

Not Track," and talk talk talk with anyone who dares to put their analog selves in

the way of our digitized sound waves.

Before the screening will be a drone demo by the artist Matias Veigner, who will bring his own drone to look and listen

About the Artists:

Deborah Kaufman's films include the award-winning "Thirst", "Secrets of Silicon

Valley", and "Blacks and Jews." She founded and for 13 years was Director of the San

Francisco Jewish Film Festival, the first and largest independent Jewish film showcase

in the world. Kaufman has been a Board member of the California Council for the

Humanities and Amnesty International USA. She has been a consultant, programmer,

lecturer, and activist with a variety of human rights, multicultural and media arts

organizations. Kaufman is a graduate of University of California Hastings College of the

Law and a member of the California Bar.

Alan Snitow's films include the award-winning "Thirst", "Secrets of Silicon Valley",

and "Blacks and Jews." Snitow was a producer at the top-rated KTVU-TV News, the

Bay Area Fox affiliate, for 12 years. Before that, he was the News Director for eight

years at the Bay Area’s Pacifica Radio station, KPFA-FM, winning the Corporation for

Public Broadcasting Gold Award for Best Local Newscast. Snitow was a Board member

of the National Federation of Community Broadcasters, the Film Arts Foundation, and

President of the Board of the San Francisco Jewish Film Festival. He is currently a

Board member of the California Media Collaborative, and a member of the American

Federation of Television and Radio Artists. He is a graduate of Cornell University.

Matias Viegener is a writer, artist and critic who works solo and collaboratively in the fields of writing, visual art, and social practice. He is the author of 2500 Random Things About Me Too, a book of experimental non-fiction, hailed as the first book composed on and through Facebook. He is a co-founder of Fallen Fruit, a participatory art practice focusing on fruit, urban space and public life. His solo work has been seen at the La Jolla Museum of Contemporary Art, The Whitney Museum, LACE, The Kitchen, Beyond Baroque, The Drawing Center, and Acuna Hansen.

Side Street Projects 730 N Fair Oaks Ave. Pasadena, CA 91103

This project is made possible through a grant from The Pasadena Department of Cultural Affairs Arts and Culture Commission and an ARC grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation.

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